Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vivid Boxing Day

Vivid on 4th had an awesome boxing day sale on winter jackets. Furry fleecy jackets were 50% off. Their everyday wear was also on sale at up to 50% off.

Aqua Vie En Rose Boxing Day

If you are planning to go somewhere tropical in the next while or want to stock up on some summer wear early, Aqua Vie En Rose is having a great boxing day sale. I bought a bucket hat for $1.99, select swimsuit tops and bottoms were like $15.00 each and they were actually decent looking.

Lululemon Boxing Day

Lululemon boxing day wasn't bad, it all depends on what you are looking for. Things weren't that cheap, but some discount is better than nothing at all. I have to say the discounts were better than the ones you get at their warehouse.

Sale items were sorted out by size, so you were easily able to go in there and try what you want and grab and go.

The sale is still on so get there as soon as possible.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wear Else Boxing Day Blow out Starts December 21, 2007

Wear Else Boxing Day Blow out Starts December 21, 2007. Up to 70% off. They have a nice selection of shoes and sometimes evening dresses.

Kudos $10.00 - $20.00 blow out Sale


Kudos is having a $10.00 - $20.00 blow out sale from December 28-30, 2007. I've been to this sale before and it is great if you are looking for basic office wear like blouses, suits, dress pants, etc..

Dec 28 - 29 Fri – Sat 9:00am – 7:30pm
Dec 30 Sun 10:00am – 6:00pm


(must be equal or lesser value)





Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frocksing day sale at Frocks Modern Bridesmaids Store

Attention Brides and Bridesmaids!

Frocks is having its first annual Frocksing day sale on December 27, 2007. Huge sales of up to 70% off bridesmaid dresses.

Details can be found here:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cafe D'Lite - Good Laksa and Hainanese Chicken

Looking for good laksa and Hainanese Chicken?

Give Cafe D'Lite a Try!

It's a small family type joint with good food! I enjoyed their hot bobo cha cha as well.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Tired of buying stuff for friends, family, and colleagues at Christmas?

If yes, try making stuff. People love homemade stuff. It adds a real nice touch to things and it makes Christmas time less expensive.

Thus far I have made the following gift ideas

Jar mixes -
Cinnamon Sugar cookies -
Apple Butter bread spread
Hot Cross Buns

I even made little tags for each of the jars decorated with a christmas holly on them.

If you are looking for a unique gift idea at Christmas, you can't get more unique than this.

Free Admission to the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park Today

Free admission to Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park Today.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Did you know 49th parallel coffee in Kitsilano is founded by the owners of Cafe Artigiano?

Did you know 49th parallel coffee in Kitsilano is founded by the owners of Cafe Artigiano?

If not, get out there and give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Flying Wedge Happy Hour Deal

Flying Wedge Happy Hour Deals

Mondays buy one and get one at half price

Monday - Friday between 2 and 4 pizza slices are $2.50 (regularly $5.00)


MEC Nalgene Water Bottle Scare

It is time to put away those Nalgene style water bottles. They were once marketed as the best thing out there, but not anymore if MEC is even taking them off their store shelves.

Read the full story here:

I've opted to using an apple sauce jar as my water bottle now. It works pretty good :)

Cool Inexpensive Gift for a Gal at Christmas

Glowing Swarovski Cube - FireJewel Necklace

ooh, glittering diamond! Well, not really. It’s a 10 mm solitaire Austrian Swarovski crystal, but it does sparkle fabulously thanks to a small internal light.

The $39.95 bling on a string is powered by a replaceable 3-volt lithium battery which lasts about 60 hours.

More details available here:

Real Wedding Magazine for Free at Cook Shop in Kitsilano

Ladies, pick up your very own copy of real wedding magazine at the cook shop for free on West 4th avenue. It is the cook store next to Brown's. This magazine is valued at $4.50 CDN.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kitsilano Neighbourhood Shopping Makeover

I used to love Kitsilano for its independent stores homey shopping feel, what is happening now?

Glowbal replacing Chianti's
Darby's pub makeover
Molson Brewery Makeover
Sophie's cafe makeover

I hope these guys don't change the area too much!

IKEA Deals

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but IKEA from time to time is advertising in I think it is the Georgia Straight and Local newspapers some great product deals.

I just got a package of 100 tea lightholders the other day for $2.99.

Apartment Fire on West 2nd avenue

I got a bunch of phone calls from family and friends the other day because of the housefire on west 2nd. It wasn't my apartment, so no worries everyone, kitsilanoshopaholic lives on :)

Thanks all!

Gumdrops Rubber Boots Rock

I never thought rubber boots could come into fashion and turn out looking stylish, but here they are Gumdrops on 4th avenue. The boots are definitely waterproof and dirt proof. I trampled through a pumpkin patch with them (speaking of they were white boots) and all I did was wash them off with water and voila it was back to looking new.

Guys, a great Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend :)

IGA Vs. Safeway

Hey Kitsilano Shoppers

Please Welcome IGA to the neighbourhood on West Broadway.

To attract customers in, the store has been having some smoking deals this past while. Here are some of them:

- barilla pasta sauce 98 cents
- smoked chicken 99 cents/100 grams
- day olds are 50% off pretty much everyday (they are still fresh from what I can tell)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

5 Baskets with Handle for $1.00 at Liquidation World

Shopping for flower girl baskets or just need baskets with handles to store things in?

Check out Liquidation World in Richmond, BC, Canada. I bought 5 baskets for $1.00. Baskets on average are like $15.00 even in Salvation Army or Value Village.

There is limited supply available!


Basic tea Light Holders for 25 cents at IKEA

Event planners, Decorators, Brides to be, check out the basic tea light holders for 25 cents at IKEA. They are the ones the hotel industry uses. They are suitable for use at parties and a great bargain. I see these retail for like $3.00 at various other places.


Cheap Flights by Oasis Hong Kong for Hong Kong and/or Europe

Bound for Hong Kong and/or Europe, book cheap flights with Oasis Hong Kong that includes meals. I have not used them yet, but have some friends travelling in September with them so I'll let you know what they think of the experience. Keep you posted!

They even have fare specials on now for students, pastors, teachers, and more. Google for all the specials.


Breakfast and Sushi at a Bargain - Yummy Sushi

Yummy Sushi at 4th and Pine offers cheap breakfast and sushi specials all day. I have not been there yet personally myself, but people say the food is decent. Breakfasts with bacon, eggs, toast and more are $2.95 and 18 piece sushi sets are like $4.99.

Whatever you do, don't expect ambience inside this dive. It somewhat reminds me of a trucker stop cafe.

1980 Pine Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 731-7110


Introducing Strawberry and Banana Flavour VitaSoy

If you have not been to your local Capers lately, they now sell Strawberry and Banana Flavour VitaSoy. I've given it a try already. It's good and addictive!

However, it's $2.97 a carton, but if your lucky you can get it on sale at $1.95, but it is rare that this happens.


VitaSoy Green Tea and Strawberrry and Banana Flavour

Why is it that only Capers and New Apple Market in Kitsilano carry Green Tea and Strawberry and Banana Flavour Vitasoy? Well, actually New Apple Market only carries Green Tea Flavour. I'm addicted to this stuff, but it gets quite pricey after a while using it as cereal milk.

Safeway and small organic stores carry Vitasoy, but not in the flavours I want :(

Unique Wedding Venues in Kitsilano

Looking for a unique wedding ceremony/reception venue in and around Kitsilano or on the West Side?

Consider these:

False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island (Lindt Hall) - Holds like 200 people for a seated dinner

Autumn Brooks Gallery on 4th avenue

Celebration Pavillion at Queen Elizabeth Park (near Kitsilano)

Watermark Restaurant right on Kitsilano Beach


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spices for 50 cents

I did not think you could buy a cheap package of spices anymore for under a buck. However, with allot of patient shopping I finally found a place that does. So, if you love cooking, this place is a deal :)

I bought oregano for $0.50 cents. That's right, 50 cents.

3080 on 4th Avenue

Have fun shopping!

Kitsilano Shopaholic now brings you Keep It Organic

Readers, I love organic foods and have decided to start a blog on it and keep people informed on what is happening in the community and tips around organic shopping itself.

Hip Hop Wednesdays at Lululemon on 4th avenue

Hey All

I just went for a walk on 4th avenue and saw a sign outside Lululemon's door advertising Hip Hop Dance lessons on Wednesdays.

I'll be sure to check it out next week as I missed it this week.

See you all there!

Unique Summer Dresses

Edith and Bob on 4th avenue provides some pretty cool looking stylish summer dresses to sport around in. They can be used as everyday wear or for a night out on the town. The thing I love about them is they are continually restocking their store with new stuff and they have a variety of colours and styles to choose from. If you look at the price tags, they aren`t that bad either. Prices range from $80.00 $130.00.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End of the Summer Sales on West 4th Avenue

Okay Kitsilano has started its end of the summer sales on everything. Sidewalk sales on kitchen items, clothing, shoes, food, and more...

I bought two cute multicolour halter type dresses for like $5.00 each. I got them at West Side Sports on West 4th avenue near the place that says ugly kayaks for sale hehehe


Monday, July 30, 2007

Kitsilano Bistro Pastis So So Restaurant

Just had French Food at Bistro Pastis restaurant the other night. The food was okay, but the bread wasn't. The bread was definitely a couple of days old. I used to be a hostess, so I know what happens to bread when it is being re-served.

Anyone know of other good french restaurants I should try in town?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Last Minute Canadian Tire and Coast Mountain Camping Deals

Canadian Tire Savings

Air Mattress regularly $54.00, bought it for $26.00.

Surge power bar regularly $26.99 bought it for $10.00

Coast Mountain Savings

3 person tent that is regularly $64.99, bought it for $40.00

Definitely worth a visit!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fireworks Watching in Kits

I was invited to watch the Fireworks on the rooftop of my, friends apartment and I would have to say the view was FANTASTIC. I didn't believe him at first, but I believe him now. So, if you know a friend that lives in the area with a rooftop, ask to see if you can watch it from there. Another hidden secret is Kits Point to watch the fireworks. See you at Kitspoint Saturday!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vegetarian Restaurant Like NAAM Minus the Wait

I'm going to let you all in on a little hideaway vegetarian restaurant in town that is similar to NAAM minus the wait. It's called Dharma Kitchen. The food and prices are excellent. I had the Dharma bowl and my friend had the Indochine bowl last night. Both tasted really good, very similar to NAAM and the place has a quaint atmosphere.

Dharma Kitchen

3667 West Broadway St., Vancouver
Tel: 604-738-3899

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great Gift Idea for Kids

Based in Vancouver, BC (Canada), is the destination for individuals seeking creativity, individuality, and exclusivity. co + lab (squared) apparel's approach to each apparel design experiment encourages creativity and originality, without sacrificing style. Each experiment is a collaborative effort with fresh young artists from around the world. Nothing is mass produced, so pieces remain unique and designs are always fresh. co + lab (squared) apparel's entire creation process embraces art and artistry in its purest form to produce wearable art for kids and adults on American Apparel.

Keep in mind all designs are produced in limited quantities, so get them while you can! Although the current section is limited, be sure to check the site often as more designs will be revealed. Also check out co + lab (squared) apparel's fun and easy fundraising program - a great way to shop and raise money for a good cause!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

NAAM by NIght

I visited NAAM at 2:30 am the other night and boy oh boy it sure is a different crowd at night than in the morning.. The music they play at night is even different. Be prepared to wait though, the service is really poor at that hour.

There were people wearing suits and ties, club hoppers, tree huggers,.... It was one eclectic group that is for sure.

It's worth going out there to get a bite at night and checking out the crowd.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Kitsilano Soapbox Derby and Greek Festival

Well, Kitsilano was full of activities this weekend. There was the Kitsilano soapbox derby right on 4th avenue. If you have not yet been to this event, it's highly recommended. This event is both for the young and old. I have to say that it is becoming more corporate PR driven though (i.e. 1800gotjunk car). Here are photos I took while there:

The Greek festival wasn't that crowded when I got there. There was not much to see, but the food was cheap ($4.00 for souvlaki) versus the Greek festival at boundary road in burnaby where souvlaki goes for $7.00.

The sun was out so it was worth getting out to both events.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anyone seen those bra bags selling in Kitsilano?

Okay who has seen those bra bags selling at the Urban Rack Clothing Company on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano? They look like a regular purse but shaped looking like a bra. Apparently they are supposed to store 5 or 6 gals fancier bras to keep from being damaged. Are they going to invent packaging soon for lacey undies?

Do check them out you'll see what I mean.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mantique Outlet Now Open in Kitsilano

Attention all you brand name clothes lovers, Mantique Outlet is now open in Kitsilano. If you are not familiar with Mantique, they are a young hip casual clothing store carrying various brands of clothing such as dish, guess, mexx... You can find everyday wear clothes here, as well as sometimes professional work clothes, but it's hit and miss with the work clothes :) I've seen name brand clothes going at 75% off the original price so down to like $25.00.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Shopping at Lululemon - Designer change?

Hello Lululemon Fans

I was shopping in the Lululemon store the other day and could not find a piece I REALLY REALLY liked. I know back when Lululemon originally started, they had some great jacket designs with racing stripes, including great colours and great styles etc.., but now it seems they are going into the whole street wear thing and the colours are too bold and bright.

Does anyone know if the original Lululemon designer left?

I'm a Karma shopper now :)


Friday, June 1, 2007

Beach Bums Welcome at Kits Beach

Looking to be a beach bum out in Kitsilano? Think Kitsilano Beach!

This is the beach to hang out at for young professionals. People are kayaking, playing volleyball, barbequing, tennis, walking, running, couples cuddling hehehe.... You name it, it's pretty much happening.

Not only that, when you are hungry the beach is surrounded by coffee shops, and some eateries to grab a nibble at. If you have a bigger appetite, there is a concession stand and restaurant right on the beach. You can't miss this venue as there are people sitting on the patio and stuff.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dog Walking Clinic Now at Lululemon

Not only does Lululemon on 4th Avenue/Kitsilano/Kits offer free Yoga on Wednesday evenings now, but they offer free dog walking clinics on Tuesdays. See the store for details and a schedule.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Custom Swimsuits

This may sound odd, but there is a custom swimsuit shop on 4th avenue down by NAAM restaurant. The shop promotes itself as being able to assemble a custom swimsuit in like 15 minutes to half an hour. I'm not sure about the exact amount of time, but from what I recall it was a short amount of time. They have an assortment of fabrics to choose from there.

I think it is called Kitsilano's Splash Swim and Cruise.

Here is a link


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kitsilano Nightlife and Entertainment

Kitsilano used to quiet down at about 8:00 or 9:00 pm a few years ago, but now it is not the case with the introduction of Brown's Social House, Bimini's, and Lola's which has brought in Kitsilano nightlife. Brown's Social House, Bimini's, and Lola's on 4th avenue are great places to hang with your friends. Brown's Social House is more like a restaurant/bar, Bimini's is really a bar, and Lola's is kind of drinking/dancing club. You can usually find lineups at Bimini's and Lola's.

For those looking to take up more quiet entertainment in the area, take a walk along the beach, have sex on the beach :P, catch the sunset, walk along 4th avenue and window shop, enjoy late night all you can eat sushi after 9:30 pm at BC Sushi or perhaps try out the 24 hour NAAM restaurant. Some of the more fine dining restaurants even open late now like the newly opened Gastropod and Bistro Bistro. You can even catch a movie at 5th avenue cinema's on Burrard. Perhaps, take in a meal assembly event at Sensational Suppers. Basically, you choose it, prepare it, and cook it.

Sensational Suppers
Brown's Social House
BC sushi
Bistro Bistro
5th avenue cinema

Nightlife is definitely growing in Kitsilano, I'll keep you posted as things pop up :)


Monday, May 28, 2007

Crazy Housing Prices

I was walking around the Kitsilano/4th avenue neighbourhood over the weekend and noticed allot of for sale signs. I decided to call one up. I can't believe that both condos and houses around here are going in the million dollar range when a a majority of the population living here is Young Professionals. Blah, I guess we will never be able to really own something down here unless we become millionaires :(


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Asian Girls and Caucasian Guys

The government is right, there will be a flood of Eurasian children in the school system by 2008/2009. Well, the Kitsilano/4th avenue neighbourhood is certainly helping with this.

Just in my last few months here, I have seen a ton of Caucasian guys with Asian girls and Asian guys with Caucasian girls. The typical scenario has been more Caucasian guys with Asian girls, but I think there is getting to be a balance now.

So, if you are a single Asian girl looking for a Caucasian guy or vice versa, Kitsilano is THE place to meet!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Places for Young Professionals to Meet

Visiting, Resident or new to the neighbourhood and looking to meet with other Young Professionals?

Check out the following:

Team of young urban professionals passionate about networking and meeting new people. With the busy lives that young people live these days, and the dizzying array of events, seminars, conferences and workshops spread throughout Greater Vancouver, we saw the need for an alternative. So, our two-day, centrally located conference for like-minded young people to get connected and stay connected, is the exciting new event that we want you to attend.

The OpenCoffee Vancouver club is designed to engage entrepreneurs and investors on a regular basis to chat, network, exchange ideas, build relationships, pitch ideas, seek funding and more in a totally informal setting.

The Open Coffee Vancouver club is free for anyone interested to come along.

Sign up to this group if you are interested in receiving details on the first event. .

To learn more about the global Open Coffee Club concept, visit


Friday, May 25, 2007

Gas Prices Down

Okay Kitsilano residents, the gas prices are finally down, but you probably do not need to worry about this since a majority of things are inside of walking distance. The last time I checked it was 118.4 compared to last week at about 131.2 to 132.2. Craziness!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dog Friendly Neighbourhood

Kits is definitely a dog friendly neighbourhood. You can have your dogs off-leash by the beach (one section), stores have water dishes outside, and some even offer treats. Many accommodations are even dog-friendly, but you'll have to hunt for those.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free Stuff!

The warm weather is finally here!

Be on the lookout in the Kitsilano and 4th avenue neighbourhood for free stuff. Many people are cleaning up their houses and apartments right now and leaving things out in their yard or back alleys for people to take. I've been fortunate to have people in my building leave stuff in the lobby :)

I picked up:

- wicker baskets
- jewellery box
- ski goggles
- set of cutlery
- sunglasses
and more...


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Best Place for Affordable Fresh Produce

I just found today a place on 4th avenue where you can buy fresh fruits and veggies for allot cheaper than Safeway and Capers. They even carry organic goods like Capers, but for less.

New Apple Farm Market
2344 West 4th Avenue


Monday, May 21, 2007

Having trouble finding sale clothing that fits?

Are any of you out there frustrated like me by the fact that you can never find sale clothing that fits when shopping? Well, I used to live by Metrotown and would frequent the mall for clothes on sale, but every time I would find something that I would like they would never have it available in my size. My conclusion is that a ton of Asians stroll this mall and buy up all the small sizes :(

Anyways, secret is that whenever things go on sale in Kits, there are a ton of small sizes. The Asian population is very small here :) What a treat!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moving to Kits

It looks like alot of people are moving into Kits at this time of year, but the best time is usually end of January/February. You'll know it's a good time of year because vacancy signs will be up everywhere and craigslist will be busy :) Be prepared to pay a premium to live in the most desirable part of Vancouver.

If you are looking to save on costs, consider shared accomodations or find yourself a 2 or 3 bedroom appointment and share. Finding roommates in this part of town is easy.


Friday, May 18, 2007

HAPA comes to Kitsilano

Interesting, more and more Asian restaurants are popping up in Kitsilano. That should help drive up the Asian population in this hood :) Some interesting statistics on the kitsilano Neighbourhood:

Grand opening writeup on HAPA in Kits:


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Parking Without a Permit

That's right, you can park in Kitsilano without a permit believe it or not :) Alleys, inbetween permit only signs, two hour parking zones, so read the signs carefully if you are a resident or dropping into the area.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Green Tea Cheesecake Now Available at Capers

You gotta try out the green tea cheesecake at Capers, it's decadent! Not only that, it's a new menu item in their bakery department. I spotted it one day unexpectedly as I am a green tea fan.

You will want to keep an eye out for the green tea vita soy milk as well in the aisle where they sell all the carton soy drinks. It's a big hit as well because everytime I go to get it the shelf is almost empty :(

Azngal, Greentea lover

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Healthy Food Around the Clock

Guess what all you health nuts and not so health nuts?

You can now access 24 hours a day healthy food at NAAM restaurant on West 4th avenue. They have large portions and good food for a vegetarian restaurant. The food comes out looking not so delicious, but once you dig in you'll be addicted :) My favourite is the NAAM dragon bowl, give it a try! Oh yeah, there pies are good too! Perhaps, I'll see you there sometime ;)


Monday, May 14, 2007

Free Yoga at Kitsilano Lululemon on 4th Avenue

Did you know that Lululemon on 4th avenue offers free yoga on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm?
You have to RSVP though.

Drop in the store for details.

I don't think any other location offers this after speaking with friends :) What a great deal for Kits health fans!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cheap Eats Secret in Kitsilano

Did you know you can have all you can eat sushi at lunch for only $11.95 at BC Sushi in Kitsilano?
It's also $11.95 after 9:30 pm Monday to Sunday. There are over 90 items to choose from. The ambiance is nothing special, but the price is a smoking deal. The menu is comparable to Richmond Sushi, for those of you who have heard of this dive. Best of all, there is usually no lineup, like I said the place is still quite a secret unless you are a Kits junkie. One other secret, they serve mango pudding on their late night after 9:30 pm all you can eat menu, something you can't get at Richmond Sushi and I LOVE.

More latah...


Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's a whole new world out here :)

Hey Gals

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada I recently moved into the Kitsilano area and boy oh boy I will have to say there is definitely some yummy eye candy in Kitsilano. My eyes were shifting left to right, this is THEE place for sexy young singles. You can find them everywhere, so keep smiling!