Thursday, August 2, 2007

5 Baskets with Handle for $1.00 at Liquidation World

Shopping for flower girl baskets or just need baskets with handles to store things in?

Check out Liquidation World in Richmond, BC, Canada. I bought 5 baskets for $1.00. Baskets on average are like $15.00 even in Salvation Army or Value Village.

There is limited supply available!


Basic tea Light Holders for 25 cents at IKEA

Event planners, Decorators, Brides to be, check out the basic tea light holders for 25 cents at IKEA. They are the ones the hotel industry uses. They are suitable for use at parties and a great bargain. I see these retail for like $3.00 at various other places.


Cheap Flights by Oasis Hong Kong for Hong Kong and/or Europe

Bound for Hong Kong and/or Europe, book cheap flights with Oasis Hong Kong that includes meals. I have not used them yet, but have some friends travelling in September with them so I'll let you know what they think of the experience. Keep you posted!

They even have fare specials on now for students, pastors, teachers, and more. Google for all the specials.


Breakfast and Sushi at a Bargain - Yummy Sushi

Yummy Sushi at 4th and Pine offers cheap breakfast and sushi specials all day. I have not been there yet personally myself, but people say the food is decent. Breakfasts with bacon, eggs, toast and more are $2.95 and 18 piece sushi sets are like $4.99.

Whatever you do, don't expect ambience inside this dive. It somewhat reminds me of a trucker stop cafe.

1980 Pine Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 731-7110


Introducing Strawberry and Banana Flavour VitaSoy

If you have not been to your local Capers lately, they now sell Strawberry and Banana Flavour VitaSoy. I've given it a try already. It's good and addictive!

However, it's $2.97 a carton, but if your lucky you can get it on sale at $1.95, but it is rare that this happens.


VitaSoy Green Tea and Strawberrry and Banana Flavour

Why is it that only Capers and New Apple Market in Kitsilano carry Green Tea and Strawberry and Banana Flavour Vitasoy? Well, actually New Apple Market only carries Green Tea Flavour. I'm addicted to this stuff, but it gets quite pricey after a while using it as cereal milk.

Safeway and small organic stores carry Vitasoy, but not in the flavours I want :(

Unique Wedding Venues in Kitsilano

Looking for a unique wedding ceremony/reception venue in and around Kitsilano or on the West Side?

Consider these:

False Creek Community Centre on Granville Island (Lindt Hall) - Holds like 200 people for a seated dinner

Autumn Brooks Gallery on 4th avenue

Celebration Pavillion at Queen Elizabeth Park (near Kitsilano)

Watermark Restaurant right on Kitsilano Beach


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Spices for 50 cents

I did not think you could buy a cheap package of spices anymore for under a buck. However, with allot of patient shopping I finally found a place that does. So, if you love cooking, this place is a deal :)

I bought oregano for $0.50 cents. That's right, 50 cents.

3080 on 4th Avenue

Have fun shopping!

Kitsilano Shopaholic now brings you Keep It Organic

Readers, I love organic foods and have decided to start a blog on it and keep people informed on what is happening in the community and tips around organic shopping itself.

Hip Hop Wednesdays at Lululemon on 4th avenue

Hey All

I just went for a walk on 4th avenue and saw a sign outside Lululemon's door advertising Hip Hop Dance lessons on Wednesdays.

I'll be sure to check it out next week as I missed it this week.

See you all there!

Unique Summer Dresses

Edith and Bob on 4th avenue provides some pretty cool looking stylish summer dresses to sport around in. They can be used as everyday wear or for a night out on the town. The thing I love about them is they are continually restocking their store with new stuff and they have a variety of colours and styles to choose from. If you look at the price tags, they aren`t that bad either. Prices range from $80.00 $130.00.