Monday, June 25, 2007

Kitsilano Soapbox Derby and Greek Festival

Well, Kitsilano was full of activities this weekend. There was the Kitsilano soapbox derby right on 4th avenue. If you have not yet been to this event, it's highly recommended. This event is both for the young and old. I have to say that it is becoming more corporate PR driven though (i.e. 1800gotjunk car). Here are photos I took while there:

The Greek festival wasn't that crowded when I got there. There was not much to see, but the food was cheap ($4.00 for souvlaki) versus the Greek festival at boundary road in burnaby where souvlaki goes for $7.00.

The sun was out so it was worth getting out to both events.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anyone seen those bra bags selling in Kitsilano?

Okay who has seen those bra bags selling at the Urban Rack Clothing Company on 4th Avenue in Kitsilano? They look like a regular purse but shaped looking like a bra. Apparently they are supposed to store 5 or 6 gals fancier bras to keep from being damaged. Are they going to invent packaging soon for lacey undies?

Do check them out you'll see what I mean.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mantique Outlet Now Open in Kitsilano

Attention all you brand name clothes lovers, Mantique Outlet is now open in Kitsilano. If you are not familiar with Mantique, they are a young hip casual clothing store carrying various brands of clothing such as dish, guess, mexx... You can find everyday wear clothes here, as well as sometimes professional work clothes, but it's hit and miss with the work clothes :) I've seen name brand clothes going at 75% off the original price so down to like $25.00.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Shopping at Lululemon - Designer change?

Hello Lululemon Fans

I was shopping in the Lululemon store the other day and could not find a piece I REALLY REALLY liked. I know back when Lululemon originally started, they had some great jacket designs with racing stripes, including great colours and great styles etc.., but now it seems they are going into the whole street wear thing and the colours are too bold and bright.

Does anyone know if the original Lululemon designer left?

I'm a Karma shopper now :)


Friday, June 1, 2007

Beach Bums Welcome at Kits Beach

Looking to be a beach bum out in Kitsilano? Think Kitsilano Beach!

This is the beach to hang out at for young professionals. People are kayaking, playing volleyball, barbequing, tennis, walking, running, couples cuddling hehehe.... You name it, it's pretty much happening.

Not only that, when you are hungry the beach is surrounded by coffee shops, and some eateries to grab a nibble at. If you have a bigger appetite, there is a concession stand and restaurant right on the beach. You can't miss this venue as there are people sitting on the patio and stuff.