Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gumdrops Rubber Boots Rock

I never thought rubber boots could come into fashion and turn out looking stylish, but here they are Gumdrops on 4th avenue. The boots are definitely waterproof and dirt proof. I trampled through a pumpkin patch with them (speaking of they were white boots) and all I did was wash them off with water and voila it was back to looking new.

Guys, a great Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend :)


Karen said...

They sound wonderful. Did they have lots of colourful rubber boots at Gumdrops. Looking for some funky,colourful rubber boots for my sister for Christmas. Do you know of any other stores that carry them?

azngal said...


There are some other stores that carry them. I've seen them on 4th at Joneve (or maybe it's called Sterling Shoes, Marks Work Wearhouse (might have them), and a clothing store called Exposure has a bunch of them on display by the window.

I've even seen them at Winners, but with Winners it is a hit and miss. Sometimes they have them sometimes they don't.


Tom said...

What a fabulous shop! Who knew that you could look so great on a rainy day and because we have so many ...why not look as stylish as you possibly can in wet weather gear!! I loved the pink boots with the fur trim on top....sooooooo gorgeous but the colors and styles left me oohing and ahhing for the entire visit. Shanda is a real doll as well. Can't wait to see what she surprises us with in the summer range!!!