Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rio Azul Latin Boutique - Latin American Clothing

Okay girls, if you love the senorita look, you must visit Rio Azul, a ladies Latin American clothing store. I bought 4 - 5 dresses from this store alone this summer. They have nice styles and for those who like to be a little more dare devil with bright colours and patterns, they have fashion where it is done very tastefully. This place is a hidden gem as dresses are between $50-$80, really inexpensive.

I hope they have a website soon.


Jazz Collen said...

I like that they use bold colors like black, red, orange and bright blue is a staple for women’s clothing, along with embellishments like fringe and embroidery.

- Jazz@Les Insonorisations M.G.

Unknown said...

Indeed Jazz...

Ramonage 4 Saisons